Real Post

While I work on a more definitive post on the Carpe Langousta philosophy for life I will just throw a few things on here to distance ourselves from awkward beginnings and legal shit. First time at this so things will only get better. Hope to give you something to think about and you can leave richer having visited. At the least some of the shit I get into may entertain.

CLMF in a nutshell:

Carpe Diem?? I know, most people don’t even do that really. That is a crime. Anyone can be a floating body and run into seaweed. I say that if you wake up sucking air it is your duty to seize life. It’s just what you should do. Anyone w/ a will can go fishing. In my book that is seizing the day. I say reach a bit higher. I say seize that lobster!!


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