Hello folks.

Just testing to see how this draft transfers over. No joy yesterday and I ended up scrapping the whole thing. Apologies to the commenter’s, please continue to reply.

I have a couple of posts aligned a certain way and won’t put them up till I get it right here. Returns, text, size, and color seem restrictive though it is likely my ineptitude.

Hope everyone is gearing up to celebrate the Winter Solstice. The actual moment this year is December 21, at 23:38 UTC.The moon is full as well so there has to be some significance, though I have found no articles to support that.I am just thinking, least amount of sun, most moon. Cool.

Good article on the Solstice;

So have a great day,

Go forth in confidence,

and spend less time second guessing.

Carpe Langousta!!



2 responses to “Solstice

  1. jason yanna aka. ole red

    Well winter is now upon us. While the visions of lobsters and king crab dance in our head I gear up for another day working for the man. Constantly wondering when will I be the man. Another 38 years unless I can muster a few good ideas. Every day is only what you make of it. Just keep on kepin that’s what Joe Dirt says he understands the meaning of Carpe Langousta. Maybe more than any of us ever will. Seems weird but each one of us should try to be a little more like Joe everyday. Well I will end for now. Remember keep on keepin on CARPE LANGOUSTA MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!

    • April tried to reply to Ol Red via her Blackberry but it came across as me so just to clarify this is HER reply:

      “Well I do figure that I am a lot like Joe except I don’t look good in a mullet. I will definitely carpe camarones. No langousta for this girl.

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