Pic Test

Viking Ship in Oslo Museum

Yeah my first pic should be a lobster but I am just testing this quick so I grabbed what was handy

Would love to sail on a replica of one of these someday. CLMF!!


8 responses to “Pic Test

  1. jason yanna aka. ole red

    I tried everything on my end to upload photos but the only way I can do it is to start my own blog. Don’t want my own blog love urs and ideas oh great langousta man????????

  2. Changed my screen name and see if it will let me

  3. I will check into it but am thinking you may not be able to post pics in a comment. You should however be able to have an avatar. Thanks for commenting and I will get back to you. CLMF

  4. Well how do you like that??
    I simply copied the HTML and pasted er in the comment box. Remember that night?? Last New Years I believe, can’t wait till this one!!
    Give it a try Ol Red. CLMF

  5. Ive tried everything and it wont let me put a picture in. not even one from my hot mail. lobster shit i tell you

  6. I don’t know Bro, If you have a valid HTML copied it should work. If you have pics on a host site you should be able to copy from there.

    I did notice just now however that I was unable to post a picture by copying codes from host site. Had to come from my computer.

    Since you mentioned lobster shit, look here;

  7. Glad to see that ur up bright and early this morning Mr langousta.ur up for the right reasons. Cause u want to be. Myself I’m up or work rock on and CARPE LANGOUSTA MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

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