Solstice Canoeing

Well I hope everyone had an awesome Solstice.

I  rose at 0230 and began shoveling 6” of fresh snow from our 1/8th acre of driveway. Then I headed into the Chicken Ranch Bar and toasted the Sunrise w/ a shot of Linie Aquavit and  the ringing of Great Grandmas Norse bell. Then headed the canoe towards the crick as the ice had collapsed and there was a narrow channel of water. Sketch our Black Lab/Husky is just learning nautical and hesitated w/ front feet in and rear feet on the forward sloping ice, pushing the bow away from shore. He freaked, went splash, and struggled repeatedly to claw his way up the ice but couldn’t get his rear hooves to grab. I paddled up to him and janked him out. He ran up the bank and would not return. He started spinning around and I knew his ass was starting to feel the cold so I took him inside, got him dried off and resting fireside. Headed back out and it was cool floating past ice ledges 3-4” thick at eye level as the crick had dropped about 2 feet overnight. Hence the ice collapse.

The bridge that I pulled across on the ice Sondag was suspended now on these ledges and I was almost able to make it under. During the flood this fall one of the tie ropes broke and the bridge swung to one bank and when the waters receded there she stay. The bridge consists of two telephone poles w/ a deck two feet wide of one inch boards. Getting it back across was a daunting task. But this week end past the crick was backed up and level across the banks. Also frozen on top which only happens maybe 1 in 5 years. So I shoveled the bridge off, popped it loose w/ a big iron bar, and pulled it across w/ chains and come-along. This needed to be done before Maple Syrup Season or we would be cut-off from half of our sap trees.

So on I canoed till I got to the tube under the hi-way. Here I had to push w/ one foot to get through the tunnel and then keep kicking to get across the Knapp. Looked around a bit and headed home. I have to wonder what people think as they pass on the hi-way and look down to see me out there in all kinds of crazy weather. Makes me feel damn good to be the one looking up as they race by headed to work/class/appointments/the morgue.

So as the new year dawns lets focus real hard on putting ourselves in that canoe in all kinds of crazy weather. Push it across ice of unknown thickness, knowing it could collapse at anytime and you may get your leg in and stay dry or it could flip you into 8’ of freezing water and the current take you under the ice.

It’s like I always say, “ You either drown in the river…. or ya don’t“.

I am hoping to get a camera for Christmas so I can get some pictures up here.

Carpe Langousta



One response to “Solstice Canoeing

  1. jason yanna aka. ole red

    I do believe that you should tell the tail.HAHA for the day you fuzzy nuts cody SHADY and myself went on the canoe trip across the mighty Wisconsin river and got stuck in the raging storm. I feel it would be fitting since u shared a story of ur new dog. People need to know about the great shady dog she lived by our motto CARPE LANGOUSTA MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

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