Canoe Pic

Well ‘Ol Red wanted me to follow up that canoe story by recalling another trip we took but I just don’t have time right now. I will just hint that it involves a half dozen of us being caught on the river in a hell of a storm. High winds, high waves, hail, driving rain, and tornados spotted not far away. Also was the trip when my dog Shady almost drove Fuzzy insane. Shady is gone now but she loved to canoe. I will get into her legacy in some post.

Till then here is a pic of us canoeing one winters day. Shady is in the bow, her daughter Little Freak amidships and I astern. Shady=Black Lab, L.F.=Shady/German Sheppard, EV=Ugly Norwegian. I am the only one left of the bunch. Shady was hit by a car, Freak went missing, Canoe was stolen.

Life is short and the things we love disappear fast sometimes so appreciate the shit out of them while you can.

Get off your ass and Carpe Langousta!!


One response to “Canoe Pic

  1. Well I was rearranging my contact list yesterday. All went well or so I thought. Come to find out I lost urs and ur little ladies #. Could u you please text or email them to me mr. Langousta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CARPE LANGOUSTA MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

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