Materialize Your Dreams

Had a message from my Bro this morning asking if I had given up on the Blog or what? No just been the holidays and hey I just started this shit up on a split decision. One minute I was looking at web cams of ski slopes in Norway while blogs loaded in other tabs. My ADD requires me to have 4or5 things open at once. Or everyone does that?

Anyway something clicked like the hammer of a 45 and my fingers went pow and I had a blog. Trust me this comes hard and I would prefer to have many drafts digesting in my document file. Sure I have consider it for many moon, written drafts in my head all the time. Just wasn’t planning on starting one that day. Really that is CLMF in my life. Most everything I have done in my life has been by just doing it. From Choppers, horses, pit-trucks, milk trucks, head-cheese maker, log home construction, equine transportation engineer, equipment installation supervisor, union concrete forman, owned antique/ice cream shop, aluminum sign construction and installation, edger operator in saw mill, and some other stuff as well. All of it I turned into w/ little actual background. This blog is no different. Only so long you can dream about shit before you have to materialize it or move on. Well our current materialization is our sailboat and cast-off approaches. And that brings us back around to the point of this blog. We need someplace to throw down what’s up w/ us as we travel. Our friends and families rarely know what we are up to as we tend to be a bit reclusive. Just want to be by ourselves most of the time.“Nothing Else Matters” is our life/wedding song.
(insert Metallica video)
You need to remember that I am basically introverted and after what I go through in the work season it is a wonder I am seen, heard from, or travel, for weeks at a time in vinter. I have been told to be more social. So maybe this blog will help but I am not interested in writing a diary like;
“saw Marge Simpson down at the store today and she was telling me how she ran over little Bart’s wheelie board w/ her new Canyonoareao. Sad. He’s such a great kid but bad stuff just seems to happen to him all the time. Yeah then I went home and made pot pies, no not the chicken ones! You trust that shit? These were 100% orgasmic“.
So moving out of this year think about your dreams. Sort them out, toss the bad ones, and materialize the good ones in the new year. Drop a bad habit so there is room in your life for more good. Just forget it and focus on materializing the new. And if anything is up around here I will toss it up. Pics coming, new camera.
Hey, send beer and lobster and I will have something to review.


One response to “Materialize Your Dreams

  1. For some reason I am still having trouble w/ the Return spacing as I bring drafts over here from my computer. Then the look of the Edit copy differs from the published copy. Then can’t re-edit the way I want.
    Such as my last line “Hey, send beer” should be separated by a blank line. I had it there in Edit, now it’s gone. I am sure you don’t give a shit but it is not how I intended it to look. Any advice out there?

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