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One More Good Adventure

I found it here;      One More Good Adventure.

NOTE FOR RAY; click on the link and look at some of the newer posts from this month. Richard is doing some self-publishing and you may find it interesting. Have a great day~EV


All Hopped Up

Stopped by our brew friends’ the other day to drop off a gag gift and ended up brewing up a batch on the spur of the moment. Jr was showing April his custom hop dryer which led to checking out the freezer he bought to store said hops. That did it, time to open up some hops and see how they perform. Kind of exciting having battled heat, exhaustion, mosquitos, and hop bats last summer to get them harvested.

It is really cool to be able to enjoy all the fruits of nature through the vinter. This morning we had our own maple syrup on french toast made w/ eggs from my neighbors chickens. Organic? He feeds them love and grain from another neighbors field. They drink water from pure springs, and eat watercress from the same. He pampers them, knows each one personally (over 150 I think). He obsesses over the temperature of the coops. They produce great wholesome eggs. And at a price that makes you feel like a fox in the hen house. Remember the Chicken Ranch? It was supposed to be our coop. Don’t need chickens w/ Bud in the next valley;-)

Also we have chili, salsa, pickles, potatoes, onions, dill, sage, etc from last summers garden. And all the area orchards, vineyards, cheese factories.

Now hops that we harvested are in our beer.

For some reason those are all the pictures of the evenings brewing. Likely for security reasons as the recipe and brewing practices are highly guarded. It is more likely that April got hopped up and clean forgot to take more. She is the Hop Tester tasting them in all stages. Sure we all taste a bit however she takes it to the extreme. Yes, even after being pulled from the boil, an acquired taste to be sure.

Actually we had not planned to brew and having been nearly a year since Jr had it was a bit unorganized. He chose an English Lager. I am not sure how conducive my hop selection was to that end but Brewmaster Jr appeared confident so we proceeded. Already there is a need for bigger equipment. I still don’t have the wort chiller built so cooling was a bit of extra shuffling to get to a snow pile. Also it would be nice to have a dedicated brew area. Hey Jr the pool room is looking good and the pool table would make a nice work counter and I have an LP burner and a 4-stall sink and 8 cases of empty bottles taking up bedroom space…..

I will take better brew notes and more pics next time.

I did manage to get the list of hops that are on hand:

  • Cascade
  • Centennial
  • Chinook – which we chose for the bittering
  • Crystal
  • Fuggle – which we chose for aroma
  • Golding
  • Magnum
  • Mount Hood
  • Nugget
  • Sterling
  • Tettnang
  • US Fuggle
  • Willmette

For good descriptions of these and other varieties check out the BeerAdvocate Hop Guide.

can not reach her

I can not reach her and so am left alone w/ my feelings, nei the insecurities, strengths, deep, thin, fray, they neigh as their thundering hooves then trample down the moss, the lichen growing thick in guarding paths, circling and indistinct, pointing outward, belieing inwards, inwards to the soul, the soul that flees the pulses of the day, the fray, again it surfaces, the hounds calling, the warning, the shout in the nightmare that wakes the strong but belies the weak, she died in her sleep they say, maybe she simply had not the strength left, to scream in the night….

Sledding-Snow Fun

This week-end past was a bit cold to want to go sledding but the previous Sat was nice. Lily (2.75) and CJ (1.5) spent the night and we hit the hill behind the house in the morning. We call it a “Bunny” hill yet still we have rescued kids from the crick. Even CJ hit the house on one of his solos.

Later Dreaven (5) came out and ended up in the pond(dry). Then Cody, Dreaven, and I headed across the road. No photo ops of Dreaven aka Little Dude, he’s just to quick. He shredded the hills but we kept him off Coyote Run. He is a natural and after a few runs was pretty much fearless. He will be breaking sleds next year. Below is Coyote Run, a narrow chute bordered by trees on one side and Barb wire the other. Fast one too.

Cody had a day off during the week and we went back over w/ the camera. Being taken out by the dogs is a constant danger.

After a few passes we felt the itch. Hadn’t been to the top this season so we just had to go.

We did two clear cuts that run about 1000 feet each.

The trouble is they always end w/ trees or fences. In this case a 10 foot drop through some trees onto an old dug road. Go Code Man!!

It would be fun to own enough land to put in a few good runs top to bottom. No mountains here but a 1/4 mile run through the woods is still cheap fun. The climb back up is a good work out w/out being too exhausting. For a time we had access to a neighbors hill w/ a logging road that ran the entire hill. It skirted a steep ravine, had a nice steep straightaway in the center w/ whoop-de-doos that would usually take a few passes to get through as you gained air and had to land it correctly. Then a curve at the bottom emptying into a hay-field. I would venture that only 25% of attempts would make it to the field non-stop (non-wipeout). As the run got faster through the day it would become impossible to negotiate the bottom curve at speed. You better slow down!! High siding it into the trees is always fun as my collapsed lungs can attest on one such pass. I firmly believe BroJ saved my life that day. I’m not sure if anyone else knew what to do and we were too far from any help to save me. Thanks dude.:-)


toadie96 April’s Blog Update

Here is April’s Blog “toadie96”. The search engines haven’t picked it up yet and I could not even get to it the other day so I posted the search link. Putting it in my post at least got a result from Google Blog Search that leads here so I can tell you about it.

She hasn’t had time to do much yet and has limited computer access in the near future. She is doing some traveling so hopefully she can give us some updates. As we become more mobile I believe the blogs will be the best way to stay in touch w/ everyone efficiently. Especially the Grandkids, I think they will really come to enjoy them. When they visit us on the boat they will be living in the blog and can show all their friends back home what kind of adventures they are having.

Time for April to go laptop shopping 😉