Lost in Cabo New Years Eve

Cantina Cocktail

Crab Leg Appetizer

Last Lonely Tail




2 responses to “Lost in Cabo New Years Eve

  1. shaggy2471

    Sorry I missed it bro. Sucks that I had to work new years day. Would have taken vacation but used it all up when JR. Was born. But opening day of trout season and morel time I will be there come hell or high water. Living 2 1/2 hours away blows. I’m not real fond of the city life either. You know me I’d rather dig a hole in the side of the hill and live there. But the city life is paying the bills plus a little extra. So until I win the lotto or you do it looks like the city life for me. Still want to get away one day this winter before you go back to work and just hang for the day. Well until the next time. Keep on keepin on and CARPE LANGOUSTA MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

    • The Admiral replied;

      “I owe I owe its off to the city I go. I will owe them forever but off to the city I won’t go. Burbs, burbs your neighbors are turds. The shit smell can’t be curbed. Its ok, the bills I will pay. When its all done, I’ll move to the country, it will be fun. Carpe le shrimpa dudes. ”

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