Our Boat

Her name is what we will be aboard her in 20 months, J.F. Gone~

J.F. Gone~

Thought I would put up a few pics of our 32′ sailboat. We plan to splash her this summer in Lake Michigan and will begin living-aboard  in Sept.2012 as we head to places warm enough to melt butter and have lobster to dip in it. And the bonus is she will be way easier/cheaper to maintain than our current home and surroundings. What kind is she? Our kind. Paid for, soon done w/ a re-fit and ready to take us where we want to go.  While we will keep searching for our steel hull she will provide exactly what we need for the next few years. She may not be the first choice as a safe Atlantic passage-maker but should we not find said steel hull before we are ready to head north, she has a beam that will allow her to be stuffed in a shipping container and dropped in oh, say, Norway?:-)
On a few occasions I have felt what I call “Boat Bias”. Those times when one is made to feel their boat is not as good as another. Goes for anything I guess, boats, bikes, cars, trucks, horses. Never let it stop me from having a blast on all of them. So indulge me this short rant. Most of those “classic” lined boats capable of blue water end up being Dock Queens anyway and some have features I really don’t care for. Case in point: A boat that I once considered to be towards the top of my fiberglass list. Till an acquaintance bought one. Very nice lines, capable, go most anywhere, cruiser. But, the bilge can hardly be accessed to clear the pump. Same access issues on the motor. Soft decks. (apparently common on this model judging by the number of threads describing re-builds)Flimsy chain plates bolted half-assed to a bulkhead.  Talking to the owner a few months before he bought the mentioned boat he cut our conversation short as soon as I told him what ours is. This has happened a few times actually. That’s cool. We will count up the sea miles in a couple of years. I will remember to report my findings here. Not to piss old Neptune off by sounding cocky. I am just curious to see….and challenged….in an almost vindictive manner….nah…he he, not me.


Shady in Salon

Well now I can’t find the rest of the interior pics. Will post them when found. BTW, the Mustang is for sale.
Have a great day~Everett

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  2. love the pics of the boat now just need one of me in their !!! 🙂

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