Sail Like a Viking

I just can’t help getting turned on when I bring up the Bergen web cam and see this;

Bryggen in Bergen Norge

True I like the whole scene, it is our big goal to one day be tied to that dock. What really has me pumped though is yesterday the boat on the far side of dock was not there.
It is one thing to live aboard in northern latitudes and takes a hearty breed. But these folks move around all winter. The array of boats is ever-changing as the tides.  As I type this the temp in Bergen is Oc or 32f. April and I have spent hours net fishing the fjords at this temp and it is very tolerable. Remember;  Norwegians don’t believe there is bad weather, only bad clothing. At the end of the day we had a feast of salt cod and crab. It doesn’t get much fresher!!

Carpe Cod

Yep this will be my motivation to start into my electrical wiring odyssey that I want done by the end of the month, about 25% of the house left. I have been dragging my feet all week. Then the goal is to finish the tongue and groove wall boards, approx. 1200sq feet. It all needs to be finished so the house is ready to sell before we sail. I want those projects done before Maple syrup season. CLMF!!

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