Hop Harvest

My friend’s soon to be mother-in law has a small hop field that yields a few pounds (dried weight) of 10 different kinds of hops. They mature right in the height of work season and it is very hard to get them all. Jr and I work together and both have little time on our one day off. We missed one Sunday due to mutual exhaustion and lost at least a pound (Dried). We still harvested more than enough to brew w/ this vinter but hate to see them go to waste. Of course it was the hottest part of summer and starting early to beat the heat meant more mosquitos. Hop Bats are a constant threat anytime though they didn’t bother April and I as much as they did Jr. I can’t remember all the varieties but Cascade is a main one. I will have to ask for the list when I take my cache of empty bottles to him for filling. 🙂


2 responses to “Hop Harvest

  1. shaggy2471

    Once you start your hops and pick them at the end of the season do they grow back again the next year or do you need to start over?

    • Hops are a herbaceous perennial so they die off above ground each season. I believe they have rhizomes that they grow from. It is amazing how much they can grow in a season. We would have been able to just cut down each vine to make picking easier. However they were trained on twine that was continuous through the row. If cut they very well could have all come down. As there are different varieties maturing at different rates in each row this would not have been good. Next season they will be on individual twines. Have a Hoppy day!!

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