Despite all his Rage….

….he is still just a dog in a cage.(to be sung to Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings ((Rat in a Cage)) by Smashing Pumpkins)

Think he looks too innocent to be caged? See the Rage;

Actually he is a great dog. He is being trained to be a crate dog as he will soon be flying to Romania to live w/ son Brandon. He has been staying w/ various relatives for almost three years while Brandon has been there. Now Brandon is in a position which allows him to have Odin. Brandon and Anca will be flying in for a visit soon and will take Odin back w/ them. In another post I may detail the process/ordeal of getting a dog prepped for overseas travel. Think a passport is a hassle? Haaa

We have had him almost a year and will not miss what we call “Odin hears a who”, which means he is barking incessantly for often unknown reasons. In the middle of the night I  have to listen hard or get up and identify the source. I will not abide a boy who cried shit wolf scenario. I check every time. Known agitators are; coyotes 3-4 nights a week, owls (any night), bull frogs (summer), snow plow (vinter), all types of wildlife bigger than a bird (anytime), hunters (seasonal), wind in the trees, falling leaves, etc ad nauseam.

We do appreciate that he is on watch 24/7 and will miss that. The other dogs better step up!! He especially likes to patrol the bar. In pic #2 below he is admonishing a violator to bar rule number one (of two). Those of you having been to the Chicken Ranch Bar will spot said violation.


2 responses to “Despite all his Rage….

  1. shaggy2471

    NO PHONE ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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