Fisk Torget (Fish Market)

Mentioning the fish market on the docks a few posts back got me reminiscing. Pulled up the photos and thought I would share. I wish I had taken more but I think I got busy buying. This was one of a few stands open in vinter. They will fully cook anything for you as well as vacuum packaging for international travel. And conduct business in a wide array of languages, notice sign.

Only a few lobsters available as there are not many in local waters. The ability to buy smoked whale, fresh smoked salmon, piles of fresh prawns/shrimp, etc, was good enough for us. 🙂

April’s Russian husband on right (good story there)

Below the sandwiches on left are Smoked Whale. Better than any cut of beef I have ever had. No it doesn’t taste “fishy”. They are not fish. They are mammals and so have red meat. While seals are similar mammals per environment and shape, whales are more closely related to deer than they are to seals.


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