Ass Kicked

I found a font I want to use here but it doesn’t cross/transfer/use appropriate high-tech term here that I don’t know, to my chosen theme. The process looks easier if I use a theme that both sites have. I don’t like the ones available on their site that are also available here on WordPress. That got me checking out the 102 available here and previewing most of them. It’s cool as I can instantly preview my current page in any theme. I am going to stay w/ what I have for now and am supposed to be able to still use the font from Typekit. I just can’t seem to accomplish that task. I may switch to a theme that is mutually available and see how that works. I have one in mind but it is not quite what I am after. Things may look crazy for a while as I don’t know just what I will be able to change untill I switch over completly and play w/ it. Hell maybe you think it already looks crazy.

Also I have issue w/ the large gap in the return spacing;

(that right there) I don’t want that much space between lines on a return. This is all new to me so I may just be missing an obvious setting option. I am addressing this also. Any tips?

Give me a shout if you like/dislike something. Readability is a priority for me.

Have a great day~EV


One response to “Ass Kicked

  1. shaggy2471

    Shit you already know more than me? Looks good now

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