Lobster Font

Can you believe there is a font called Lobster?? And it does some cool stuff, not just another small variation on another font. What I understand is that it is still being developed/refined, kinda cutting edge. Perfect!! I will be playing w/ it a bit and thought it was set so all the post was Lobster but so far just the Titles seem to be.

The new theme I think I like though am messing w/ the back ground color quite a bit yet. I like a red that is close to lobster red of course. The color chart allows for very subtle changes and is really quite amazing.

The first above paragraph is Bold, the second is Bold Italics. I can’t make the font larger to offset the overbearing red background so this should help. Which one do you think is more easily read??

Consequently though the readability can drastically change w/ all these variables so again, let me know what you think.  CLMF!!!!


One response to “Lobster Font

  1. If the titles were larger I think it would be better. I may switch back but mess w/ this theme a bit.

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