Thank You Facebook (censored version)



As much as I hate censorship I have engaged in just that. The title of this post is very heavily censored compared to the one I first typed. It is probably best that I have let this one digest a couple of days. I am new to all this and not ready to push the boundaries. The other one would likely have gotten more hits though. I have already had issue w/ facebook to the point of having a post about spyware disappear completely. Back then I would have published my original post before I got it spell checked. I outlined that episode in the original post but have edited that part out as well. It adds nothing to the current bitch.

In a recent effort to minimize our Emails I have been diligently un-subscribing to all the shit that comes in the Junk folder. Also wondering who generates all this crap and why do I have to get it to begin with?? Is this just the way it is for everyone??!! So today I get three of them, all seemingly unrelated, and when I open the first to click the un-subscribe who should I see but my wife staring back at me. All three have the same header;

It is her Facebook Avatar. Interesting. As a valued member of what?? Being a valued member gains you credit score spam?  If they really valued her they would send her shrimp. Fuck off!! So I click to save the image and the name on it is fb_papergangster_com. More interesting. Wonder what the fb stands for. I wonder how much of the Junk we get actually stems from facebook. Maybe I just haven’t looked into it enough or contacted the right people at facebook or missed a simple “click here” button to be off the shit list for good.  I really don’t have time for that. It is just not that important to me.

One of the suggestions I see from all the blogging gurus is that if you really want to boost your hits make sure you Facebook and Twitter. Well the exposure would be ok, I suppose.  But at what cost?? Everyone wants to get more hits right?? Everyone wants to be heard right?? Or at least looked at?? I don’t have time for the cross linked/info sharing/spyware games. After all we’re trying to minimize our lives. Do away w/ all the extra crap that steals our energy. So to that end I won’t twitter, I won’t glitter, and I sure as fuck ain’t gonna facebook no mo!! I can embrace technology till it starts embracing me behind my back.

~EV (awaiting the Black Chopper)


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