More Chicken Ranch Bar

Upon viewing yesterdays post about the Chicken Ranch Bar, and I guess I should emphasize BAR, my Bro J felt inspired to email some related items. The first was an underground, un-authorized, video narrative of the origins of said Bar. He should have sent it sooner as last week-end I drafted a long-winded explanation to publish soon. Once again a picture is worth a thousand words and video even more. 2 hours of type/edit vs. 2 minute vid. I will publish anyway and  also try to put the video up.

The next was a link to the Chicken Ranch Brothel which is in NO WAY affiliated w/ our  Chicken Ranch Bar. The former is located outside of Las Vegas and is an actual Brothel. We are in SW Wisconsin and are more like a Lienie Lodge South.

Lastly he sent a link to the Thomas Tew Rum website. I am not much of a rum drinker, April handles that and prefers Sailor Jerry. But this stuff sounds good!! These people are serious about their rum. From the name, to the process, to the packaging, they have been driven to make a unique product.  Steeped in area history, tradition, and honoring a unique Pirate. I don’t know how a sailing ship of any worth would not want at least a bottle or two aboard. I believe it would calm the most uptight Customs Capitan. Leverage says I. As a bonus this is made at the site of Coastal Extreme Brewing so there are new beers to be sampled as well. Bro J suggested a road trip but a glance at the charts show it located about a lobster crawl from an anchorage/marina. I say Viking Quest!! Could be a pillaging destination when we scour the seafood wharfs of the East Coast in our never-ending quest for shrimp and lobster. Thanks J, hope to see you there.

Have a great day and CLMF!!!!


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