toadie96 April’s Blog Update

Here is April’s Blog “toadie96”. The search engines haven’t picked it up yet and I could not even get to it the other day so I posted the search link. Putting it in my post at least got a result from Google Blog Search that leads here so I can tell you about it.

She hasn’t had time to do much yet and has limited computer access in the near future. She is doing some traveling so hopefully she can give us some updates. As we become more mobile I believe the blogs will be the best way to stay in touch w/ everyone efficiently. Especially the Grandkids, I think they will really come to enjoy them. When they visit us on the boat they will be living in the blog and can show all their friends back home what kind of adventures they are having.

Time for April to go laptop shopping 😉


2 responses to “toadie96 April’s Blog Update

  1. Thanks babe. You always know what to say to make me feel better and yes April will be laptop shopping soon.

  2. If you like I can get an Gravatar photo up for you.
    Good luck in the morning.

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