can not reach her

I can not reach her and so am left alone w/ my feelings, nei the insecurities, strengths, deep, thin, fray, they neigh as their thundering hooves then trample down the moss, the lichen growing thick in guarding paths, circling and indistinct, pointing outward, belieing inwards, inwards to the soul, the soul that flees the pulses of the day, the fray, again it surfaces, the hounds calling, the warning, the shout in the nightmare that wakes the strong but belies the weak, she died in her sleep they say, maybe she simply had not the strength left, to scream in the night….

2 responses to “can not reach her

  1. I have that first picture as my screensaver on my computer at work. Its a little feel of normal life while at work

  2. The whole place is magical and full of great energy. Many paths are centuries old. I believe the whole country is still connected by cross country foot paths. You have got to visit us when we are there.
    I have a few more pics that are similar and will throw in a post sometime. Thanks for the response.

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