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Quote for Torsdag

If a man gives way to all his desires, or panders to them, there will be no inner struggle, in him, no “friction”, no fire.

But if, for the sake of attaining a definite aim, he struggles with the desires that hinder him- he will then create a fire which will gradually trasform his inner world into a single whole.

Ouspensky-In Search of the Miraculous



Headed down the way, the other day, chainsaw in hand, gazing as I passed, the water beckoned. Set down the saw and tipped a canoe.

The bottoms are nicely flooded and you can move about freely. Here you can see the muddier water as I pass over Knapp Creek. Following the low channels it is easy to cover ground w/out much current. Then cut into the actual flow when ready for a drift back home.

Traveling into the bottoms the water clears. Have to keep a sharp eye ahead and pick your path. What looks like a distant clearing can be blocked by debries.

I went far enough up bottom as I wasn’t really in the stream, to cut over and drift into the Beaver pond. Watched a few varieties of ducks but no geese.

The water was high enough to drift right over the dam and I stayed in the Knapp’s current and drifted towards the portal that leads home.

When the kids were still living at home it was tradition to be the person to pick up the most flotsam. Not much of a challenge when solo but I still engage. I feel that if you throw trash down, you litter. If you pass litter while having the ability to pick it up, but still pass, that is almost the same.

Canoeing for flotsam trash is also good excercise in canoe control. Many times you have to thread into a tight spot sometimes involving current.  It also gives one a destination of sorts and teaches basic navigation so far as keeping track of where you are at. Not that you can actually become lost but there are hundreds of acres and it is possible to end up behind long high banks and thickets making return difficult if you are unsure how you got there.

Here is my cache for the day. Click to enlarge and you will see the progression of soda bottles through the last few decades. From glass w/ aluminum caps to all plastic. The two-litter as the transition being plastic but having an aluminum cap. Have a great day. CLMF!!!!

Quote For Torsdag

If a man walks in the woods for love of them half of each day, he is in danger of being regarded as a loafer.

But if he spends his day as a speculator, shearing off those woods and making the earth bald before her time, he is deemed an industrious and enterprising citizen.

Henry David Thoreau

Quote For Torsdag

The blue bus is calling us,

the blue bus is calling us,

driver where you taking us?

Jim Morrison

Popped open the web cam for the famous Blue Stone in Bergen and instantly thought of those lines in the song The End by the Doors. (full lyrics here)

The pastel building to the right is Dickens Restaurant.  If you click on the link check out that beer selection in the header. Also a view of the Blue Stone in front. April and I highly recommend eating there. At the least, get the fries. And fish soup. And roast potatoes. And that awesome shrimp stuff. And…..

Maple Season 2011 Begins

Well Maple season is under way. I had been holding off tapping as I have been busy, traveling to see April and also didn’t like the weather. Plus it’s not quite the same w/out her. She started this whole thing some many years ago. But I knew there had to be a string of good days coming when I could hit it and have a quick, efficient season though a bit less in product. We don’t have very much syrup on hand so Monday I decided to tap three test trees. That is basically declaring the season open. It is something we do all the way or not at all. The sap flowed instantly and it was on. I couldn’t get the rest of the pails and buckets washed fast enough.

Luckily most taps survived two years strorage. We use hand carved Sumac taps. Some years many have split so we frantically carve new ones. I retired the coffee cans and there were some flood damaged pails so we dropped from 80 to 44 vessels.

Monday saw 13 gallons gathered and most taps didn’t get put in till after 3pm. I was on the ball and caught the first drop that morning.

Tues I scrounged up 14 more pails and got them in. Tues saw a record 69 gallons collected and on 58 taps. Most were still dripping steadily on the last round at dusk. Typical numbers for us on good days is around 35 gallons on 80 taps. I suppose we average 20 gallons daily over a season. Though I regret not being one day earlier we will still have a good season as long as it continues to freezes at night.

This is easily our favorite Tap. Originally hung here the first season the Salvation Army bucket has become tradition. This tree consistantly produces big numbers which not only warrants a small bucket, adds to the cool factor as well.

The tank is almost full so I will light the fire today w/ pictures of the boil forthcoming.