Skull Splitter

From the “Amish wal-mart” post you may remember the need of that trip were new handles for my wood splitting mauls. Yesterday I was ready to have some fun and handled one up. I get nervous when my splitter is down. Especially when there is a truckload of Elm calling to be split. Elm always calls in a sinister voice. It is a glad fact that most Elm die naturally in diameters that fit most stoves. In our neck of the woods though some get rather large and I need to split the rounds. Elm is one of the stringy-est/toughest woods to split. Strategy not brute force w/ this stuff. In fact read what was said Here;

Overall, I would only recommend using elm firewood if you have access to a wood-splitter. Otherwise I’d stay away from it. It simply isn’t worth the time and aggravation to pound away at it all day by hand.  But…   If you don’t mind a challenge and don’t have any other species that are suitable for firewood, then go for it! Just don’t blame me when it takes twice as long to split as you anticipated. Good Luck!

I dug out a head that I have had for a long time. No handle when I bought it but I liked the mid-evil look. Made in the USA makes it a collector as well in my book. It has a narrow wedge that renders it sticky in most woods. I felt it would be perfect for elm. Wide wedges tend to bounce off, I needed to slice.  I also picked a wedge from the stack. I would end up needing 3 at times.

I dressed the edges and buffed the bodies. Chose a handle, carved my trademark rings, and joined wood to steel. Lightly sanded the handle and oiled everything.                             Let’s split some skulls:-)

For driving the wedges I used my 10# work maul. As the work season approaches it was a great work out for getting back in shape w/ this maul. Wood is much more forgiving on the joints than the standard driving of steel pin through rollled rock base on the job site.

Splitting wood is one of the most relaxing/enjoyable/satisfying things I do in my life. And it is also one of my chosen ways to shed this fleshy restraint. The day would be sunny, 23f, sitting on my chopping block, Maul edge gleaming, glass of Skull Splitter in hand, surrounded by piles of freshly split Ash (favorite wood). It’s sweet aroma permeating my last breath as my heart quickly attacks me. Hey, we’re all gonna go.

Why not hope to go happy?!


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