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Cody’s Condition


Cody has not been well, stomach aches, weight loss, low/no energy, groggy and lethargic. Last week Doctors thought he had acid reflux and wanted 100% improvement in 30 days. After 0% improvement after a week we went back in. To save time I will insert part of an email to Brandon from wed night the 23rd:
Cody’s results are not good. He was found to have Type 1 Diabetes today. He is currently in Richland Center Hospital’s Special Care Unit, room 306. He is on IV fluids, insulin drip, another drip to replace the prescription that he has been taking for what they thought he had. (acid reflux) All systems being monitored continually via those stick on receptor things. His blood sugar is being checked every hour and has been running 3 times normal. They call the Dr with results of each test. Last fall he weighed 140-145. Last week when he went in, 120. Today, 106.4. He will be there till at least Sun or Mon. 48-72 hours are critical. In the morning we will meet w/ a Diabetes Spec and Dietary Spec to learn what to do.
Dr Whitney is ex-military so I inquired as to how Diabetes will affect Cody’s desire to be a Marine. He said “incompatible”.


By yesterday morning his blood sugar had mellowed from the mid 300s to mid 200s and was off the insulin drip. There was still concern about continuing abdominal pain and a CT Scan was ordered. Results show his lymph nodes around intestine are swollen and should shrink over the next couple of weeks. His bs is monitored every 2 hours, blood drawn every 4. insulin injections and pills for individual minerals are adjusted continually and accordingly. Two bag IV for fluids are still hooked up. Met briefly w/ Diet Spec and Diabetes Spec yesterday. Today he should be moved to general population (regular room). Dr Wright is filling in this week end. He delivered two of our grandkids and he is great so we are in good company. Sunday morning we will meet w/ Dr Whitney and determine how close he is to coming home. Down the road he will meet Specialists in Madison for further education and instruction.