Daily Archives: 10/05/2011

Mr Mojo Rise~in

Mojo was waiting in the van for a trip north to see April and I snapped this pic. Turned out cool I think…

Picture of Mojo in van w/ reflexion


Possum Buddy

Well the work season is here and so I have little time to publish posts containing much quantity or quality for that matter I suppose. I have drafts for the 2011 spring flood, final instalment of maple season 2011, brief explanation of my work, an ongoing account/review of the many beers I try called The Beer stump, morel season 2011, etc.

So just to keep something happening here I will at least occasionally toss-up a photo from my world for you faithful readers. As always, thanks for stopping in, and remember to click on the pic for an enlargement, EV.

In the background is the island that we call Possum Island. It had been underwater for over a month. I believe last weeks receding water prompted this inhabitant to come down from the hill and try to cross over to home. Didn’t make it. The hi-way is a dangerous place folks, be carefull out there.