Quote for Torsdag

How many tied-up slaves, rich and poor,

would not envy us our life now?

Harald Hamran

From the log of the Trade Wind, the 25-foot sailboat built and sailed by he and his brother Hans from Kristiansand Norway to America in 1933. Never before had anyone sought to cross the Atlantic in a boat that small. They followed the Trade Winds from the Canary Islands to the West Indies, on to Florida, and New York City. From there they were towed to Buffalo, shipped to Milwaukee, and sailed to Chicago where they were welcomed and attended the 1933 Worlds Fair. They navigated using only a compass, charts, and the North Star. 

His attitude as they battled a deadly storm in the dreaded Bay of Biscay; “Our chances are slim, but no matter. It’s great to take chances when all things are against one.”



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