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In Memory of Alex


My love for you will forever live on
I’m still in shock that you are gone
I never knew you very well 
But in my heart you’ll always dwell

I still have your brother 
And with  love I will smother
He is too young to understand 
But someday he will be a man

I will never understand
Why God chose your hand
He left me with a heart 
That will forever be torn apart

But God choose you for a reason
Leaving me feeling treason 
Someday my time will come
Making a heart un-numb 

I shall see you again
And our new life will begin
Until that day is here 
Always know my heart is near

As you play on that  golden street
I will listen for your feet
It will be the sound
That will let me know you’re still around

I love you!

    Grandma April


April wrote this early one morning last week in Memory of our grandson Alexavier A. Cochran. He was born to Josh and Tera on July 4th 2011 and passed away on August 13 2011. We thought it especially cool that he had been born on our anniversary.

I was going to call him “Spike”and buy him lots of leather. I don’t know why. I guess grandpas do stuff like that cause they can. Maybe as he grew I would have chosen a different nick-name. Maybe just called him Alex, bought him a surfboard and a pair of Lost Boardshorts. Either way I was looking forward to it. That’s the thing about babies. Not so many memories yet but all the anticipated possibilities under the stars. All the discoveries to be shared.

Fair winds Alex, I love and miss you….


Quote for Torsdag

When you feel defensive,

examine what you fear.

Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie

Quote for Torsdag

I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

He will put some things behind, will pass an invisible boundary; new, universal, and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around and within him; or the old laws be expanded, and interpreted in his favor in a more liberal sense, and he will live with the license of a higher order of beings.

In proportion as he simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex, and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty, nor weakness weakness.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau


Quote for Torsdag

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin