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Last Post from Home

Well here we are, the morning of our move. Seems like we have been moving all summer. Actually not much got “moved” on to our new location. However everything we had in the house and garage was moved. Either down into the addition (three season room where we have been living for the last month), to our storage unit,  sold,  given to friends and St. Vinies, or dumpstered. 

It has been a long summer. We are tired of it. We still have way more than we intended. Mostly antiques due to the economy. We don’t want to give them away and couldn’t get them sold. For us that means the economy must be worse than imagined. We have always been able to sell stuff. April’s’ Mustang will go into winter storage in a couple of weeks. The sailboat still needs to be loaded on the trailer. That will have to wait for money and a crane schedule. I still need to line up a contractor to build the chimney, again money. I have a short to-do list for this morning. 

Then we are GONE. Heading north to work for the winter. The first time we will live on our own since we got together almost 16 years ago. Well Mojo is coming w/ us so not totally alone. After that we really don’t know. This will be a home-base of sorts but not our home. Where we lay our heads will be home.

Bittersweet. Love our family and friends here.  Excited to be pushing into a new horizon. Closer to our dream of a sailing life. Gypsy vagabonds moving w/ the winds. 

Here is a sneak pre-view of our apartment where we will be for the winter. We have the upstairs. I will post more from up there.

See Ya!!




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