Motorola Xoom Review Part Three

Ok the next thing I notice is that not only am I unable to navigate past 100 or so words, no options work below that either. So no spell check, pictures, add a link, etc.

I guess this should be a review for blogging with the Xoom as for most people using it for book reading, Google, browsing the net, or maps and navigation it is wonderfull. I really like the navgation feature. Turn it on and there you are on the map. I have never used the ones designed for cars that I see plastered on windshields. I can only imagine that the tiny screens are not as usefull as the Xooms. And I certainly don’t want that annoying glow in my face. I would rather glance beside me if I should feel the need to see the map. With the nav lady telling me what to do there really is no need though. So why have the glow in your face causing fatigue Ok can’t see what I,ve been typing again. Adious


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