Motorola Xoom Review Part Two

The next thing I dislike for blogging is that once this text screen that I am typing in is full I can continue to type but can not edit below the initial limit line. With the touch screen keyboard there is no way to navigate the text like the arrows on a standard keyboard. You need to touch the screen to place the cursor where you wish to edit. It is not possible to place it anywhere past the initial limit. Hence the reason that the end of my Lake Michigan post looked garbled.

Also the reason that I broke this up into parts. Once it becomes too long I can no longer edit the bottom. Well as much as I screw up that is unexceptable. Even now I can not see what I am typing and if I touch the screen to scroll down the text window in the blog the keyboard will dissapear. Then I will be unable to touch the place where I stopped typing and continue. The cursor will appear in the top 100 or so words rather than where I need it. So I will conclude this part and hope this looks ok because all I see is the top two lines of the second paragraph.


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