Screwed up again. AGAIN?!?!

Well we certainly were not @ Shipwreck brewery last weekend. We were both working 12 hour shifts at Point Beach Nuclear Plant. The last post is a draft that I started last winter after we visited Door County. I pre-published it intending to get it finished and edited before it went live. I just picked a date in the future and meant to get back to it. Yeah that didn’t happen and it got published half-assed. Not going to fix it now, just did 12 hours and 0300 comes too soon signaling another 12 ahead. 72 hour weeks, Mondays off.


2 responses to “Ooooops

    That link will take you to one of the greatest blogs ever dedicated to fishing. Could you tell me how to get more than one picture on a post. Hope that your travekls to florida are everything that u want them to be. Tell next time CARPE LANGOUSTA MOTHERFUCKER!!!!

  2. Hey Bro nice blog!! I will get the link entered in my Blogroll.

    As for multiple pics you should be able to just keep inserting them. It always worked for me. Well till I started posting from this Motorola Xoom. Now I am unable to load any.


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