Homeless for Christmas

Almost happened. We are staying at Key West Inn located in Key Largo. Nice townhouse, 2nd story w/ upstairs master bedroom. Screened patio faces south and overlooks a canal full of boats. The charter dive and fishing boats begin making ready around 0700. Nice place to watch the sunrise. However our lease ends Christmas day and we were having no luck securing a permanent residence. Hotels are filled w/ holiday tourists. We considered th be possibility of parking at a store and walking into the state park before they close and hiding on the woodland paths to spend the night on benches. We could shower in the nice bath house in the mornings. However we managed to make contact through an agent w/ the owner of an apartment. Actually the first one we looked at the morning we got to town. It is being renovated and typical of many contractors they dissapeard at near completion. We convinced her that we didn’t mind the condition, we just need a home and the agent drew up the paperwork for us to sign today.  It took the agent ten minutes past her close time and she won’t be back till the 27th. Definitely last minute and down to the wire. I will get some pics up and some links for what we are doing later when I 


3 responses to “Homeless for Christmas

  1. wasssup bud figured out how to reply on this thing now so i can answer ya on here !

  2. sounds like down to the wire. Tell the owner for reduced rent you will finish the work. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!
    Good luck with the new digs.


  3. wished i was homeless in miami 🙂

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