Carpe Langousta

Here I am trying to “Seize the Lobster”:

We came across this bad boy on the way to Key West the other day. Man I would love to eat my way through a tail that size.

We will definitely be stopping back to try the real thing there and give you a report. 

That’s my Valhalla for sure, CLMF!!!!


6 responses to “Carpe Langousta

  1. bud that lobster would slap u silly and take ur teeth and laughing at the same time !!!!

  2. yep phone died will send text when i get new one cant even get ur last txt !!!

  3. well bud another day begins yee haaa here we go !!!!!

  4. k bud ur not gonna catch him so give it up!!!!! 🙂

    • Only because they would have me arrested. Otherwise I’d be riding her. Yep, her, we stopped again and were told her name is Betsy. I would name her Tasty!! 🙂

  5. […] Check this: pawrns and snapper, marinated all afternoon, speared (along with some pancetta for crispness and veg for conscience), barbequed and served with pilaf made with the left-over lobster-fume. […]

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