Another Sailboat-Oday 19

It was driving us crazy to be on this island called Key Largo, literally surrounded by water, and not have our own means to be out on it. Dylan works at Key Lime Sailing Club, and when he came home to tell us that Paul (owner) was selling a few boats, we had to check them out.

We picked out an Oday 19 that was mostly complete and when Paul told us to take her and pay later how could we refuse?! We spent about 8 hours one Sunday cleaning and retro-fitting a rudder and towed her home.  Hope to splash her sometime next weekend and see how she floats. Need safety equiptment, new running rigging (lines that raise/control sails), replace the compass, and a bit more cleaning. A small motor would be nice but till then April has some new fins. 🙂

Here she is sitting at the apartment:

April and I agree the name will change, w/ proper ceremony of coarse, but have yet to decide to what.





2 responses to “Another Sailboat-Oday 19

  1. sweet pics ! so when u get ur other boat down their set and all ready to go u guys take off and if fuzzy is their him and i will follow in the little one and kick it on some deserted beach!!!! 🙂

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