Been a while since the last post. No excuse, haven’t been all that busy.

First off a shout out to Mike. Thanks for the comments!! Good to know you are still thinking of us. My phone took a shit and I lost my contacts or I would have called you a while back. Now my new phone did the same thing (screen went out). Will have to get your number when I get things straightened out.

Not back to work yet, should be in the next few weeks. Unit 4 EPU at Turkey Point is scheduled to start around Nov 1st.  We are living on the boat, in a boat yard, in Key Largo. Actually it is a small yard in the woods at the end of a lonely dead-end street on the ocean. Most locals don’t even know where it is. We still have the 26′ sailboat that we bought last spring and it is anchored in Tarpon Basin. Both boats survived T/S Issac. We stayed onboard Gone in the yard for the storm. Took a couple large tree branches on deck that sounded huge when they hit but did no damage. Pretty cool to see the island vacant except locals and businesses closed and shuttered for the storm. Glad Issac didn’t reach hurricane status till after leaving the area.

April had Bariatric surgery in Miami about a month ago and is doing well. We were fortunate to be offered a cottage at Key Lime Sailing Club for the first two weeks of her recovery. Sooo nice to have a kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, comfy bed, quiet atmosphere, etc. Big thanks to KLSC. Downside has been that she has not been able to be in the water. Lots of time on our hands but no snorkeling, fishing, sailing.

Just realized that the pictures I want to post of the boat yard are still on my tablet so I will have to get them uploaded first. In the mean time I will post some of moving the boat. We didn’t have a home when we brought her down and spent a couple of nights at Key Lime. Then part of a week in the warehouse parking lot owned by the lady whom we rented our apartment from last spring. We were not allowed to live aboard at the warehouse so were homeless for a time. Spent a couple nights in a cottage at Key Lime, a night in a camper, and a night at a friends apt on his dog bed. Happy we were to find Robbie’s boat yard and get settled in. And at a monthly price that most yards charge per week.

Loaded up and ready to hit the road

We picked up Sailing Dave from Tennessee along the way. He was returning to his  boat in Key Largo after a visit home. Here we are taking a break in Georgia

When you see a cow that big you just have to milk it, April and Dave


Backed into the yard at Key Lime Sailing Club

At the warehouse

1600 trouble-free miles. I had a total of 6 spare tires for the trailer, two mounted on rims. I had jacked all axles and removed all tires before leaving so that I knew they would be free in the event of a break-down. Snapped a cheater bar in the process so it was good to have done. They had not been removed in at least 4 years. I kept saying that if we had a flat in the middle of the night, during a rainstorm on a mountain in Tennessee, I wanted to be prepared. Well there was a time of tension when, at approx. 0300, outside of Chattanooga, it started to pour. I thought I had jinxed myself and waited for the doom. Thankfully it never came.

Will get some pics of our home at the boatyard up in the next post.



4 responses to “Update

  1. Glad to hear everyone alright. When you are prepared, things go well. Enjoy the time off.


  2. Mike, you still working?? You need to get frozen down for the winter so you can come down and get warm. 🙂

    We had Joe snorkeling w/ shark suckers, just missed the para-sail boat, finished w/ an excellent diner at The Fish House. Todd hasn’t been down since spring. We never got past the homemade Pina Coladas that day though.

  3. Here there Ev how’s life been treating you. Text you a few times and no response guess I understand why by ur new post. Hope to here from you soon been a while. Get in touch. carpe Langousta Motherfucker!!!!!

  4. Still @ Epic. Current gig supposed to end next week, sounds like they have something else for me for another 3 months. Not looking good for a vacation!

    Stay safe, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


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