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You would be 3,

You would be a fisher kid,

You would have bare feet,

You would get quite muddy,

and You would be carefree.

You would charm all the Ladys, 

and hope for candy.

We would take you sailing,

and snorkeling on the reef.

And you still arrr our Grandson, 

born on our anniversary.

We love and miss you Alex….

July 4 2011-August 13 2011


Going to try and update this a bit more often. Just added all the pics I have of some of the different beer I have tried and will add more as I drink more. They are on the “Burn Me in My Bar” page if you are interested.


We are still on lay-off and working on a few boat projects as well as catching shrimp as they run and an occasional Lobster. It is great when we get a chance to Carpe Langousta or “Seize the Lobster”!! The one pictured below was caught about a week ago while shrimping on Adam’s Cut here in Key Largo. We teamed up w/ our nets and gave him no chance to escape. He weighed in just under 3 pounds. Delicious!!

photo (30)

We moved to another spot in the boat yard and now officially live on an ocean front lot, though there are mangroves between us and the water. Looking through my media files I realized that the shrimp pics and moving pics are still on April’s Ipad. I will post them when I get them uploaded here.


For Mike

Beacause he is the only one who seems to give a shit if i post or not.:

Been on the road working. Calloway Nuke (Missoura) for six weeks. Visited parents/kids/grandkids/friends for a couple of weeks. Bought a camper. Now living in a campground outside Ft. Akinson WI. Were both doing demo in a high school (Cambridge), now April working at Epic Center (Verona) and I have a couple more weeks at high school. New granddaughter in Georgia we haven’t seen yet and missing our island life. Haven’t been home since Easter.

Mike I’ll give you a call when I dig up your number. Let’s have a brew and catch up. Hell, bring YOUR camper up some weekend. Open site next to us. I have the wood and beer.:

Uninsured Motorists Rule

We were returning from a flea market on Big Pine Key last Sunday, mile from home, northbound on US Hwy 1, when a southbound vehicle turned left, crossing our path. First she hesitated, then proceeded to cut us off. April tried to miss her but as we were in the right lane and the truck behind us had swerved into the left, she had no choice but to hit her. April’s air bag kept her from hitting the wheel and she only had a few marks on her right arm and a bit of soreness as well as a mark on her stomach. I was a bit stiff the following couple of days. At first the woman in the other car claimed no injury but as the police arrived she opted for an ambulance ride. Probably good precaution or maybe a way to keep from being arrested for failing to carry insurance on her vehicle. Judging by the existing damage and duct tape on her front end it’s not her first altercation.

When we insured April’s Mustang we opted not to carry the uninsured motorist package. In Florida you are not issued a registration or plates till you prove you have insurance. Apparently there is no system in place to alert authorities when it lapses?! Our insurance company has no interest in the car as such so we are free to do what we want w/ it. Once we get a couple of estimates we will try to pull things out enough that it can hopefully be driven. The estimates will be needed in court as that is our only means of getting any compensation.

Besides the obvious damage in the pictures her top no longer latches on the passenger side, off by an inch, and the driver’s door is out of alignment. Obviously the frame is tweaked and it’s a wonder the windshield hasn’t shattered, yet. Small bit of luck is that our neighbor in the boatyard has a roll-back and was able to pick us up saving a tow fee. Also he is a mechanic/body man.

Making matters worse if the car cannot be fixed is the fact that April just had the entire interior replaced as well as a new top put on. The seats even have purple mustangs embroidered in them. The floor mats still have the plastic on them.

The scene from where we stopped.

The scene from where we stopped.


Offending lady's car

Offending lady’s car

Skid marks

Skid marks

April's Mustang

April’s Mustang







Boat Yard

Thought I would post some pictures of the boatyard. Not your typical yard that’s all asphalt, boats lined up on stands, sanders constantly running, big office/chandlery, travel lift to pull and splash boats. No, it is more like a clearing in the woods at the end of a dead-end road that even most locals don’t know about. Everyone from the pizza guys, UPS man, even the Police (whole nother crazy story) have to ask if they have the correct address. We like it this way.

There are seven of us living here, three on boats, one in a shack, one in a motor home, one in a room on the ground floor of the “Tower”. The Tower consisting of ground floor living quarters (no bathroom), second floor wood shop, third floor is half patio and half TV room for the owner. The owner being an old hippie who resembles a wizard complete w/ long white beard, very low key. There is a stairway that circles the tower to access the different floors, then continues up to an 8×10 deck above the roof. One bathroom at the tower accessed from outside. Flush toilet w/ buckets of seawater. Rain water is collected from the eaves, stored in a cistern, and pumped to barrels on the roof. This supplies the shower and sink. We are on the Atlantic Ocean though it is obscured by Mangroves. Unless you climb to the top of the tower.


Looking back to the yard. Our area is to the top right behind April’s car, obscured by pines. The open-air shop/hang out area to the left.


Our boat shortly after arrival.


An actual Cuban Vessel at our dingy dock. It was used by Cubans to come here. They landed south of here a few miles. A friend of a friend brought the boat here for some unknown reason.


I thought I had a few more pics uploaded here but don’t see any. Next time.