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Chicken Ranch Bar, beer/liquor store reviews, parties, drunken brawls, it’s all here. C’mon admit it, as much fun as it is alcohol is a demon. Ever have a hangover?
Got problems? People telling you it’s a drinking problem? Don’t blame the alcohol, it just sits there, you drank it. Get your shit together dude!!


Shipwrecked Brewery that is.

One of the high lights of last week-ends pillaging of D

This week-end past I voyaged up to visit April near Two Rivers Wisconsin which is a cherry toss from the infamous Door County. A premeir vacation destination (summer anyway) known for beutiful vistas of Lake Mich to the East and Green Bay to the West.

Memphis Style Baby Back Ribs – 1/2 Rack- Dry rubbed and slow-smoked, our Baby Back Ribs are finished on the grill with our Signature BBQ sauce.  Served with Fries and Jasper Beans.

SEAFOOD CHOWDER – Creamy crab and shrimp chowder with potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms.  A meal in itself.


Quote for Torsdag

You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.

Dean Martin 

On the Beer Stump

I have been wanting to get this category started for quite a while. This is where I will post pics, short reviews, and links when available, of the many different beers I try. The actual “Stump” is just outside the Chicken Ranch Bar.  On occasion we will be “on location”. I will post the ones from this past winter and spring in no particular order tossing in current tastings as they happen.

The reviews may not be typical “good mouth-feel, nutty aroma” type but if you read a few you will understand my taste and can compare to your own. I have tried over 500 so far. Might help guide you to a beer you will enjoy or avert a unsatisying purchase.

All Hopped Up

Stopped by our brew friends’ the other day to drop off a gag gift and ended up brewing up a batch on the spur of the moment. Jr was showing April his custom hop dryer which led to checking out the freezer he bought to store said hops. That did it, time to open up some hops and see how they perform. Kind of exciting having battled heat, exhaustion, mosquitos, and hop bats last summer to get them harvested.

It is really cool to be able to enjoy all the fruits of nature through the vinter. This morning we had our own maple syrup on french toast made w/ eggs from my neighbors chickens. Organic? He feeds them love and grain from another neighbors field. They drink water from pure springs, and eat watercress from the same. He pampers them, knows each one personally (over 150 I think). He obsesses over the temperature of the coops. They produce great wholesome eggs. And at a price that makes you feel like a fox in the hen house. Remember the Chicken Ranch? It was supposed to be our coop. Don’t need chickens w/ Bud in the next valley;-)

Also we have chili, salsa, pickles, potatoes, onions, dill, sage, etc from last summers garden. And all the area orchards, vineyards, cheese factories.

Now hops that we harvested are in our beer.

For some reason those are all the pictures of the evenings brewing. Likely for security reasons as the recipe and brewing practices are highly guarded. It is more likely that April got hopped up and clean forgot to take more. She is the Hop Tester tasting them in all stages. Sure we all taste a bit however she takes it to the extreme. Yes, even after being pulled from the boil, an acquired taste to be sure.

Actually we had not planned to brew and having been nearly a year since Jr had it was a bit unorganized. He chose an English Lager. I am not sure how conducive my hop selection was to that end but Brewmaster Jr appeared confident so we proceeded. Already there is a need for bigger equipment. I still don’t have the wort chiller built so cooling was a bit of extra shuffling to get to a snow pile. Also it would be nice to have a dedicated brew area. Hey Jr the pool room is looking good and the pool table would make a nice work counter and I have an LP burner and a 4-stall sink and 8 cases of empty bottles taking up bedroom space…..

I will take better brew notes and more pics next time.

I did manage to get the list of hops that are on hand:

  • Cascade
  • Centennial
  • Chinook – which we chose for the bittering
  • Crystal
  • Fuggle – which we chose for aroma
  • Golding
  • Magnum
  • Mount Hood
  • Nugget
  • Sterling
  • Tettnang
  • US Fuggle
  • Willmette

For good descriptions of these and other varieties check out the BeerAdvocate Hop Guide.

More Chicken Ranch Bar

Upon viewing yesterdays post about the Chicken Ranch Bar, and I guess I should emphasize BAR, my Bro J felt inspired to email some related items. The first was an underground, un-authorized, video narrative of the origins of said Bar. He should have sent it sooner as last week-end I drafted a long-winded explanation to publish soon. Once again a picture is worth a thousand words and video even more. 2 hours of type/edit vs. 2 minute vid. I will publish anyway and  also try to put the video up.

The next was a link to the Chicken Ranch Brothel which is in NO WAY affiliated w/ our  Chicken Ranch Bar. The former is located outside of Las Vegas and is an actual Brothel. We are in SW Wisconsin and are more like a Lienie Lodge South.

Lastly he sent a link to the Thomas Tew Rum website. I am not much of a rum drinker, April handles that and prefers Sailor Jerry. But this stuff sounds good!! These people are serious about their rum. From the name, to the process, to the packaging, they have been driven to make a unique product.  Steeped in area history, tradition, and honoring a unique Pirate. I don’t know how a sailing ship of any worth would not want at least a bottle or two aboard. I believe it would calm the most uptight Customs Capitan. Leverage says I. As a bonus this is made at the site of Coastal Extreme Brewing so there are new beers to be sampled as well. Bro J suggested a road trip but a glance at the charts show it located about a lobster crawl from an anchorage/marina. I say Viking Quest!! Could be a pillaging destination when we scour the seafood wharfs of the East Coast in our never-ending quest for shrimp and lobster. Thanks J, hope to see you there.

Have a great day and CLMF!!!!