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Boat Pics

I shoveled off another layer of snow and went below-decks for some photos. In the first pic you can see some re-fit carnage. I have the settee back-rest removed and wires pulled down. I was looking over the chainplate area as they are being replaced. New rigging is a big item on the list. Likely original and came w/ a broken wire in the backstay. Nothing to inspect, just replace. As always scrolling over the pics will give a brief description and clicking on one will enlarge it.

That’s the 2 bit inside tour. There will be much more graphic photos as spring fills in and the re-fit really begins. I guess actually these are “the” before pics as the next step is to gut her. Then I want to get all the prep fiberglass work done while it is still cold enough to be comfortable in protective clothing.

Fair Winds~EV