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Going to try and update this a bit more often. Just added all the pics I have of some of the different beer I have tried and will add more as I drink more. They are on the “Burn Me in My Bar” page if you are interested.


We are still on lay-off and working on a few boat projects as well as catching shrimp as they run and an occasional Lobster. It is great when we get a chance to Carpe Langousta or “Seize the Lobster”!! The one pictured below was caught about a week ago while shrimping on Adam’s Cut here in Key Largo. We teamed up w/ our nets and gave him no chance to escape. He weighed in just under 3 pounds. Delicious!!

photo (30)

We moved to another spot in the boat yard and now officially live on an ocean front lot, though there are mangroves between us and the water. Looking through my media files I realized that the shrimp pics and moving pics are still on April’s Ipad. I will post them when I get them uploaded here.



A Few Pictures

Got on April’s laptop to get caught up on posting some pictures.

(insert pic of me siezing lobsters)

Here is the view of the grill New Years Eve.  Fresh langousta and Grouper. Had huge shrimp but didn’t put any on for some reason:

From the screened patio and out the Master Bedroom window of the townhouse we were in till Christmas Day:

Looking straight across the canal to Sharkies where a band played every night including X-mas eve. We walked over one night for an excellent meal w/ the best service in memory. They occupy the left half of the building and Ocean Divers the right:


(For some unknown mystery of the cosmos I am unable to load the picture of Sharkies. There are a couple of other pics I wanted to load as well but for some reason can’t. Tired of trying and just need to get this post up and move on.)


Sunday Brunch

Last Sunday actually. It was supposed to be Saturday night supper but when the time came I wasn’t hungry, having had an excellent (as usual) dinner at the Center Cafe and then grazed all afternoon. So April had her steak by herself and I woke up ready for my lobster on Sunday. Work has taken April north and east along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Finding a local fish house, Suzy Q’s (no link), the pillaging began. She brought home lobster, smoked salmon, smoked whitefish and pickled herring. I hit the beer cellar and brought up Bells Cherry Stout which had aged about a year and standing alone was excellent but paired w/ this meal just wasn’t it. A great way to start the day for sure and the folks at Suzy Q did an outstanding job of smoking the fish.

Thanks Babe!! CLMF!!!!