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Re-publish Last Kiss w/ Comment

I have recieved a couple of positive comments about my post Last Kiss, though they won’t seem to reply here. Neither person had seen April’s response to my poem(?) and I think it deserves to be seen. Last Kiss came off the top of my head around 0400 Sunday morning sitting on April’s bed after she left for work. I posted it from her new Motorola Xoom and drove 4 hours back home for another two weeks w/out her. We had an 10 hour visit. On her lunch break she read and replied via her Blackberry.                               So I hope you like it:

Last Kiss

The last kiss is never long enough

the last hug not strong enough

the last word not convincing enough

the last glimpse not close enough

to make me feel as though

I’m tough enough

surviving w/out her

is so damn rough


2 Responses to Last Kiss

  1. His last kiss was strong.
    Why can’t it last all day long?

    His hug was sincere.
    I think we’ll make it another year.

    His eyes did shine.
    Staring into mine.

    His love well felt.
    Always makes my heart melt.

    NEM-Forever Babe.


NEM, Baby, NEM….

Quote For Torsdag-If You Love Something

If you love something, set it free,

if it comes back to you, it is yours,

if it doesn’t,

track it down and blow its head off 🙂