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New Blog Intro

Theres a new blog in town and it’s my Bro Jasons’ fishing blog. It is called Clmf1fishingjournal. I added it to my blog roll but am unable to copy the link here for some reason w/ my Motorola Xoom. Just click on the sidebar link I guess.

He has been writing about fishing in Wisconsin, mostly trout and catfish so far. He is sharing some of his killer tricks and bait info as well as some locations. Hopefully he will join us for some deep-sea fishing and report on that also. Toss him a comment as it is always cool to know that people are reading and if they like/dislike your blog.


Motorola Xoom Review Part Four

Going to wrap this up. Not fun breaking it into so many parts.

When April bought this Xoom it was so new she had to wait for it to be distributed. 4G Technology was not available though the Xoom was capable. Suposedley. When 4G was ready they would sent her the card. Well it is time but rather than go to the mailbox for the card, the Xoom gets shipped to the tech people to be reconfigured. Yeah…OK.

So today I will box it up, chuck it in a Fed Ex box somewhere and hope to see it again. Only supposed to take a week. Supposed to make it faster. Well anyplace that 4G is available. I will keep ya posted. As for now I can’t see what I’m typing again. Have a great

Motorola Xoom Review Part Three

Ok the next thing I notice is that not only am I unable to navigate past 100 or so words, no options work below that either. So no spell check, pictures, add a link, etc.

I guess this should be a review for blogging with the Xoom as for most people using it for book reading, Google, browsing the net, or maps and navigation it is wonderfull. I really like the navgation feature. Turn it on and there you are on the map. I have never used the ones designed for cars that I see plastered on windshields. I can only imagine that the tiny screens are not as usefull as the Xooms. And I certainly don’t want that annoying glow in my face. I would rather glance beside me if I should feel the need to see the map. With the nav lady telling me what to do there really is no need though. So why have the glow in your face causing fatigue Ok can’t see what I,ve been typing again. Adious

Motorola Xoom Review Part Two

The next thing I dislike for blogging is that once this text screen that I am typing in is full I can continue to type but can not edit below the initial limit line. With the touch screen keyboard there is no way to navigate the text like the arrows on a standard keyboard. You need to touch the screen to place the cursor where you wish to edit. It is not possible to place it anywhere past the initial limit. Hence the reason that the end of my Lake Michigan post looked garbled.

Also the reason that I broke this up into parts. Once it becomes too long I can no longer edit the bottom. Well as much as I screw up that is unexceptable. Even now I can not see what I am typing and if I touch the screen to scroll down the text window in the blog the keyboard will dissapear. Then I will be unable to touch the place where I stopped typing and continue. The cursor will appear in the top 100 or so words rather than where I need it. So I will conclude this part and hope this looks ok because all I see is the top two lines of the second paragraph.

Xoom Review Part One

As brief review I have ‘mixed feelings about the Xoom. It is definitely portable for all that it does do. I have downloaded one book and read it and am happy w/ that. I like the ability to take pictures with it. The problem is I can’t seem to do anything with them. I haven’t figured out how to rename them so then trying to upload I have to first find the one I want in Gallery, remember the file number, then find it through my blog’s upload option. Easier if I could just see a name that I gave it. Also there is no place to insert an SD card from my camera. This renders my camera useless for bloging or emailing purposes.