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Quote For Torsdag

“Motivation is not something you give to someone. Inspiration is what you give to people so they can motivate themselves to achieve personal and professional success.”

A Saint’s Sentiments for Sunday

Ray’s Blog.

Ray Saint that is. I read his latest blog entry and thought I would share. If  you ever need a reminder that “It’s great to be you” check in here, talk to Ray, or even better buy his book which is really like a toolbox to fix your self up and maximize your own potential. I have, I am, and it is great.:-)

He is a busy guy and admittedly would like to get more entries in his blog. I have a feeling he will so check in occasionally. I am blessed to have Ray as a friend and we both have vowed to sit down “someday” and get an interview done. He IS positive energy and if a meeting w/ Ray fails to energize you, call the coroner.

Fair Winds~EV