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Memorial Day

“A holiday set aside by law in most states for honoring the U.S. soldiers and sailors who died in war.”

Let’s keep that in mind today and be thankfull for their sacrifice. It is the reason that we are able to enjoy that barbeque/camping trip/shade tree/fishing trip/etc in FREEDOM.

If you know or meet a VET, please thank them for their service. They were fully prepared to make that ultimate sacrifice themselves, and gave more than we can ever know.

And a special prayer to those who never came back….

Quote for Torsdag

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

Henry David Thoreau

She Got the Job

April has spent the past two+ weeks testing to gain clearance for a job at a power plant up north. She has been living out of a motel. She has been tested, psych evaluated, job/credit/friend history researched, finger/hand printed, drug tested/evaluated, then did most of it a second time. All the while knowing that one false move and she would be sent home. She watched many others get janked from the ranks at random times throughout the process. She used all her vacation time from her now previous job. Rumor was her old job had already been filled. The sheeple there gossiped that she had already quit and they told management exactly that. Adding a bit more stress the process went into overtime and she had to call in two personal days. Soon she would have no job to go back to if clearance never came. Assuming she even still had one at that point?! Holding our breaths??Waiting to exhale?? Hell yeah!! When I got the text yesterday afternoon that she finally got her badge I hyperventilated!! I text back begging details but she had gone straight into the field (no phone zone) so I got no added confirmation till hours later.

So the good news is that we can catch up the mortgage, catch up the bills, get dumpster service again, pick up my chain saws from mech shop, really it’s the simple things we cherish. Haaa

Even better is that we should be able to splash  J.F. Gone as soon as weather permits, end of April? Before her job opportunity it had become clear that mid-summer would be the earliest. That is my work season and it would be nearly impossible to do then. Bleak.

As our Saga goes we never really get highs or lows. Well, we get them, just usually at the same time. We seem to have a great sense of balance and typically our good comes equally w/ bad. April will be working 10-12 hours, 6 days a week for a duration of 4-8-? months, 5 hours away. No, she won’t be home much 😦 It is hard. Beyond marriage we really are each others best friends.We hate to be apart. We just want to explore this life side by side. So we will be apart for this time to help materialize our dream of sailing together 24/7 at the end of 2012.

As Bob Bitchin says, “Attitude=The difference between Ordeal and Adventure”. We see adventure and celebrated our good fortune, although separately, and alone…. EV~Holding fast.