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New Blog Intro

Theres a new blog in town and it’s my Bro Jasons’ fishing blog. It is called Clmf1fishingjournal. I added it to my blog roll but am unable to copy the link here for some reason w/ my Motorola Xoom. Just click on the sidebar link I guess.

He has been writing about fishing in Wisconsin, mostly trout and catfish so far. He is sharing some of his killer tricks and bait info as well as some locations. Hopefully he will join us for some deep-sea fishing and report on that also. Toss him a comment as it is always cool to know that people are reading and if they like/dislike your blog.


Trout Season 2011

Opening Day of Trout Season this year was a beautiful morning. Cool as usual though much nicer than some years. I remember one when Cody and I had to de-ice our eyelets to be able to reel-in. This years line-up included grandson Dreaven as his first trout fishing trip which made it extra special. Josh, Cody, Jason, Chris and myself made up the rest. 

There were fewer competing fishermen than recent years, possible due to high gas prices as most come from Illinois and Milwaukee area. Also I feel last years record number of fishermen and increasingly small average size of trout in the area had an effect. 12″-13″ was the average not long ago. Now a foot long trout seemed like a nice one and there were too many 8″. We don’t like to catch the small ones as the mortality rate of catch and release trout is so high. When we get a few in one spot we just move on. The large fish prize this year went to Jason w/ a 13.5″ catch. Used to be 16″-18″ and Cody got it one year w/ a 24″ beautiful Rainbow.

I think everyone ended up getting their limit of 5 coming from combined streams as most streams have a 3 per limit.

Here we are in our traditional opening spot. Chris and Jason head further down stream for opening;

Had to throw in a picture of Cody’s Sucker;

One of Josh’s catch;

Jason’s big trout of the day;

Chris after loosing a nice one. Had it on the bank and did a cat-n-mouse chase along the edge before it bid him farwell. Wish I had a video of it;

All in all a great opening day. We found breakfast at Bunnies Bar in Boaz and it was excellent. Basic eggs, toast, bacon and coffee but as good as it gets when your cold and hungry. The bacon was thin, crispy, and kept coming till we were stuffed. Dreaven even charmed the barmaid into making him french toast and a mini mug of rootbeer w/ many free refills.