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For Mike

Beacause he is the only one who seems to give a shit if i post or not.:

Been on the road working. Calloway Nuke (Missoura) for six weeks. Visited parents/kids/grandkids/friends for a couple of weeks. Bought a camper. Now living in a campground outside Ft. Akinson WI. Were both doing demo in a high school (Cambridge), now April working at Epic Center (Verona) and I have a couple more weeks at high school. New granddaughter in Georgia we haven’t seen yet and missing our island life. Haven’t been home since Easter.

Mike I’ll give you a call when I dig up your number. Let’s have a brew and catch up. Hell, bring YOUR camper up some weekend. Open site next to us. I have the wood and beer.:


We Have Lift Off

1341841791326The time has finally arrived to get our boat loaded up and headed to the water.

New Blog Intro

Theres a new blog in town and it’s my Bro Jasons’ fishing blog. It is called Clmf1fishingjournal. I added it to my blog roll but am unable to copy the link here for some reason w/ my Motorola Xoom. Just click on the sidebar link I guess.

He has been writing about fishing in Wisconsin, mostly trout and catfish so far. He is sharing some of his killer tricks and bait info as well as some locations. Hopefully he will join us for some deep-sea fishing and report on that also. Toss him a comment as it is always cool to know that people are reading and if they like/dislike your blog.