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Quote for Torsdag

There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, 

by which so much happines is produced,

as by a good tavern.

Samuel Johnson


Quote for Torsdag

Time flies like an arrow,

Fruit flies like bananas.

Seen on sign outside BP station on Willy St, Madison WI

Quote for Torsdag

Better late than never.

Who knows?!


R.I.P. Bobbi Cat

I was working alone in a sign shop about 0400 one morning when my peripheral vision picked up motion on the floor and gave me a start. It was a bob-tail, grease covered cat heading my way. I lifted her to my welding table and discovered her to be very friendly and also de-clawed. As we were in an industrial park on the edge of town w/ no houses around I assumed her to be a vagabond. I put her in my car and after work she came home w/ me. We named her Bobbi. That was over 10 years ago. She turned out to be a great cat and as time went by never got pregnant so was apparently also spayed.

After the smoke cleared from the 4th of July weekend we began to realize that no one had seen her since approximately Sunday morning. She had been very thin for some time and we assumed she had gone away to die. Friday I found her body down by the crick, close to the footpath that leads up to the driveway. She now rests in our Pet Cemetary on the hill.

She will be missed and also remembered as the small cat who loved to stalk and beat up all new dogs that came to our home. It was her way of welcoming them I guess. Also the longest staying cat of the many we have had. Apparently all but these two pictures of her are saved to disk somewhere so this is all I have to share.

Quote for Torsdag

If a man constantly aspires, is he not elevated?

Henry David Thoreau