What About Me?!

I am interested in lobster, lots of lobster!! Or at least grabbing a crab. And it is my mission to grab life’s big lobster and throttle it. More than carpe diem. I want more than just the day. Hell I woke up sucking air so seizing the day is just something that I should do. I keep reaching for a bit more. I want the juicy fresh lobster meat on the grill as the sun sets!
Stuff I dig; April my wife, sailing, canoeing, hiking, biking, good beer, our bar, building w/ logs, cool dogs.
Used to dig; Custom choppers, horses, pit trucks, tipis, hunting/trapping, etc.
Past lives; Owned antique/ice cream shop, small welding shop. Also Head-cheese maker, Equine Transportation Engineer, Aluminum sign fab and install, numerous Forman positions in equipment installations and construction, Curb and gutter, flat-work, concrete paving-Fed/state/city jobs, etc.
Currently April and I are Nuclear Nomads working the power outages in Nuclear Power Plants across the country. So far we are focusing on Extended Power Uprates. April has been at it for 9 months longer and got me started. We have both been Union Laborers for many years.
My foremost interest is in materializing April and my dream of sailing away together. Our log home is maybe 75% finished and our boat is mid re-fit. Plus we have a ton of stuff to give/sell/store. So we have much to do before our 9-2012,  cast off date. Where will we go? For how long? Lets just say we will be J.F. Gone~~~
So check in occasionally and see how we are doing, Everett
Please slow down in constructions zones, put down the phone/paper/sandwich/make-up/latte, stop honking, and pay attention. There are husbands/wives/fathers/mothers/sons/daughters out there trying to make a living. Let’s help keep them safe. Tusen Takk (thousand thanks)

4 responses to “What About Me?!

  1. Awesome review of the Potosi Beer. I especially liked the part about your favorite liquor store (ha ha)! Like the Blog my friend……..

  2. Hi Ev – Thanks for dropping by my blog and glad you enjoyed my post “Except time – a conversation with the hangman and his wife”. Please do keep visiting and feel free to link anything that you may like in my blog while your visits… value your comments… have a great weekend and enjoy blogging! Navdib

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