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For Mike

Beacause he is the only one who seems to give a shit if i post or not.:

Been on the road working. Calloway Nuke (Missoura) for six weeks. Visited parents/kids/grandkids/friends for a couple of weeks. Bought a camper. Now living in a campground outside Ft. Akinson WI. Were both doing demo in a high school (Cambridge), now April working at Epic Center (Verona) and I have a couple more weeks at high school. New granddaughter in Georgia we haven’t seen yet and missing our island life. Haven’t been home since Easter.

Mike I’ll give you a call when I dig up your number. Let’s have a brew and catch up. Hell, bring YOUR camper up some weekend. Open site next to us. I have the wood and beer.:


Nuclear Nomads

I was texting my buddy Jason the other day and he made the comment that he assumed we were back to work. That’s when it dawned on me that I had never introduced our work blog NuclearNomads.org.

I started Nuclear Nomads at the end of the last outage so that friends/co-workers  that we met there can keep up w/ us. Also makes an easy way to stay in touch w/out keeping a bunch of phone numbers and e-mails, invariably lossing  them over time.

I suppose there would be more activity on this blog if I just put work stuff here but I like to keep work in it’s own little corner of my life. Family and personal friends may not care about OSHA requirements and work friends don’t have to muddle through our personal lives to find out that an OSHA 10 Card is required to work the nuke plants in Florida.

So if you are interested in what we do to fund our Carpe Langousta Life check out our blog about Nuke Life. Click the link above or the one on the sidebar to the right.

Know Nukes!!!!

The Scoop

We were layed off from Point Beach Nuclear Plant last week. The outage there is almost done and we were there less time than antisipated. That’s ok we got 60+ days of outage which translates to 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week. I even worked a couple of my scheduled days off (monday) in an attempt to beat Aprils all time big check. Didn’t happen but I made a few extra bucks anyway.

So the past week we headed down to Boscobel w/ a van load of stuff for storage. We visited the kids and grandkids. We stayed at Dylan’s and hatched a plan to take him to Florida w/ us. He was layed off recently from his milking/farming job and recently became unattatched to current girl freind. He as always wanted to travel so the timing is perfect While reluctent to quit his shitty cheese job (remember Fredy got Fingered?) he couldn’t resist our promises of warm temps and sandy girls. He has been working 3rd shift at Meister Cheese and I am proud of his desire to carry on the family cheese making tradition but times have changed and it’s just not the same anyway.

So we are back up north by Tish Mills Wi to pack up the apartment. We will head back to Boscobel in a few days, kiss the grandkids and be off to Florida around the 18-20th I believe. We had hoped to move the boat and live on it in Key Largo but it is logistically neer impossibly at this time.

Will add more later as once again I am typing in the Twilight Zone. On this Xoom I can only see and edit the first 120 words. After that I can no longer see or edit this.

Carpe Langousta!!!!