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Boat Yard

Thought I would post some pictures of the boatyard. Not your typical yard that’s all asphalt, boats lined up on stands, sanders constantly running, big office/chandlery, travel lift to pull and splash boats. No, it is more like a clearing in the woods at the end of a dead-end road that even most locals don’t know about. Everyone from the pizza guys, UPS man, even the Police (whole nother crazy story) have to ask if they have the correct address. We like it this way.

There are seven of us living here, three on boats, one in a shack, one in a motor home, one in a room on the ground floor of the “Tower”. The Tower consisting of ground floor living quarters (no bathroom), second floor wood shop, third floor is half patio and half TV room for the owner. The owner being an old hippie who resembles a wizard complete w/ long white beard, very low key. There is a stairway that circles the tower to access the different floors, then continues up to an 8×10 deck above the roof. One bathroom at the tower accessed from outside. Flush toilet w/ buckets of seawater. Rain water is collected from the eaves, stored in a cistern, and pumped to barrels on the roof. This supplies the shower and sink. We are on the Atlantic Ocean though it is obscured by Mangroves. Unless you climb to the top of the tower.


Looking back to the yard. Our area is to the top right behind April’s car, obscured by pines. The open-air shop/hang out area to the left.


Our boat shortly after arrival.


An actual Cuban Vessel at our dingy dock. It was used by Cubans to come here. They landed south of here a few miles. A friend of a friend brought the boat here for some unknown reason.


I thought I had a few more pics uploaded here but don’t see any. Next time.


We Have Lift Off

1341841791326The time has finally arrived to get our boat loaded up and headed to the water.

Yet Another Sailboat- S/V Seaweed

We took the Oday 19 back to the sailing club as we have purchased a Seacraft 26 instead. Found it on Craigslist. Robert was living on her just two miles north of here under the bridge by Steamers just across the channel from Gilberts Resort. We got s/v Seaweed at a great price complete w/  8hp Honda 4stroke and a great dingy w/ 5hp Merc. She is set up w/ 3 solar panels, small wind generator, LED lighting, stove etc. We helped Robert move his personal effects off the boat and to his truck. He drove off headed to his home in Georgia and we were left alone on our boat just 4 hours after seeing the ad.

We moved her last Sunday to a new home anchored among friends of ours just off the Murray Nelson Government Center in Key Largo. Had a good breeze (25 knots) by the time we got all 3 anchors raised and under way. We motored approximatly 12 miles. As we dropped anchor near our good friend Sailing Daves’ boat Ion Breeze, he came on deck to welcome us. He was in his dingy and over in a flash to help us set our second anchor and make sure we had a good hold. As it turns out we ended up centered in a nice patch of mud w/ good holding. It’s great to be there and have Dave watching over Seaweed while we are absent.

April keeping us in the channel, not easy w/ the cross wind:


Looking back towards the Overseas Hiway bridge by Gilberts


Leaving Blackwater Sound into Dusenbury Creek:

Sunset on Tarpon Basin:

We will hoist the sails this weekend for inspection and do more clean up and a bit of re-wireing. Then we can begin to settle in and get her ready for some week end sailing adventures in these great Florida Keys!!


Another Sailboat-Oday 19

It was driving us crazy to be on this island called Key Largo, literally surrounded by water, and not have our own means to be out on it. Dylan works at Key Lime Sailing Club, and when he came home to tell us that Paul (owner) was selling a few boats, we had to check them out.

We picked out an Oday 19 that was mostly complete and when Paul told us to take her and pay later how could we refuse?! We spent about 8 hours one Sunday cleaning and retro-fitting a rudder and towed her home.  Hope to splash her sometime next weekend and see how she floats. Need safety equiptment, new running rigging (lines that raise/control sails), replace the compass, and a bit more cleaning. A small motor would be nice but till then April has some new fins. 🙂

Here she is sitting at the apartment:

April and I agree the name will change, w/ proper ceremony of coarse, but have yet to decide to what.




Bluenose II Rebuild Webcam

Bluenose II Rebuild Cam

The link up top is for the cam watching the rebuild of the famous Bluenose II sailing vessel. She is made of wood and being completely restored from keel up. Very interesting to see as few ships are built this way anymore. 

If you look to the menu bar to the left you will see other camera view options. Click to see the boat from overhead, stern, etc. Bookmark it and check the progress occasionally.