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You would be 3,

You would be a fisher kid,

You would have bare feet,

You would get quite muddy,

and You would be carefree.

You would charm all the Ladys, 

and hope for candy.

We would take you sailing,

and snorkeling on the reef.

And you still arrr our Grandson, 

born on our anniversary.

We love and miss you Alex….

July 4 2011-August 13 2011



Going to try and update this a bit more often. Just added all the pics I have of some of the different beer I have tried and will add more as I drink more. They are on the “Burn Me in My Bar” page if you are interested.


We are still on lay-off and working on a few boat projects as well as catching shrimp as they run and an occasional Lobster. It is great when we get a chance to Carpe Langousta or “Seize the Lobster”!! The one pictured below was caught about a week ago while shrimping on Adam’s Cut here in Key Largo. We teamed up w/ our nets and gave him no chance to escape. He weighed in just under 3 pounds. Delicious!!

photo (30)

We moved to another spot in the boat yard and now officially live on an ocean front lot, though there are mangroves between us and the water. Looking through my media files I realized that the shrimp pics and moving pics are still on April’s Ipad. I will post them when I get them uploaded here.



We Have Lift Off

1341841791326The time has finally arrived to get our boat loaded up and headed to the water.

Annual Buzzz

ImageWhile we are back in Wisconsin for graduations we took Odin in for his annual summer trim.


Thought Brandon would like a shot of him.